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The year is 2045.  With new huge natural disasters happening frequently all over the world, resources becoming scarce, and governments collapsing, life can feel overwhelming, especially to those dealing with injustices on a personal level.  Enter Mae and her team.  Their mandate began as a simple operation to help out a few people, but soon grew to include missions that had world-wide implications.

What do you do if you’re a billionaire with a team of talented operators and an acute sense of justice? Anything you want!

Beginning in January 2021, there will be a new team member’s bio added each week. Keep checking back to learn more about your favorite characters!

Meet the team:

Mae B. Wright

  • Billionaire boss
  • Likes pretty things
  • Hates injustice and bullies
  • Thinks her team is capable of anything, and often has them prove it
  • Believes violence can solve problems

Interview conducted February 7, 2045

Allison Parker, 12th grade assignment for journalism college credit course

Unedited transcript of recorded conversation for podcast

Subject: Mae Wright

Allison: I’m here with Mae Wright in her home as part of my series on successful local women.  Mae, thank you for agreeing to meet with me.

Mae:  Of course.  Thank you for considering me both successful and local.

Allison:  Out here anything in a hundred-mile radius is basically local.  And look at this place!  Four hundred acre properties aren’t cheap, especially with the buildings.

Mae:   It’s actually three hundred and eighty-six acres.  I’m lucky to live here.

Allison:  And we’re lucky to have you.  Your decision to hire local labor has boosted the economy of Baxter City and helped out a lot of people.

Mae:  We really want to contribute.  And we’ve been grateful that Baxter City has so many hard-working and talented people to work with.

Allison:  It’s hard to find work these days, even for those that are qualified.  But that’s not what I’m here to talk about today.  Are you okay with getting right into my questions?

Mae:  Of course.

Allison:  Great.  What is the best part of being successful for you?

Mae:  Being able to work with amazing people every day.

Allison:  Would you consider your success overnight or did it take time, and if so, how much time?

Mae:  It was more overnight.

Allison:  That is the first time I’ve gotten that response!  So, you just got lucky?

Mae: Absolutely.

Allison:  Okay.  What is some general advice that you would give to anyone starting out?

Mae:  Figure out what you want, and work towards it.  You don’t have to know everything, and your goals might change, but working at and achieving goals is never a waste.  It’s all about the person you become in the process.

Allison:  What is the most important quality that determines a person’s success in life, in your opinion?

Mae:  Conviction.  It’s the ability to commit fully.

Allison:  Is education or experience more useful?

Mae:  They’re intertwined.  But, as far as a formal education goes, it can be useful if it’s the most direct way to get to your goal.

Allison:  And there you have it, folks!  Thank you so much for your time.

Mae:  Of course.  It was a pleasure.  Tell the mayor hello for me.

Allison:  I will.  I hope Aunt Nell didn’t pressure you too much about doing this.

Mae:  No.  When she said you were working on college courses already I was impressed enough I wanted to help you out however I could.  She said you wanted to be an investigative journalist?  Aren’t they a dying breed now?

Allison: They are, unfortunately.  But the world still needs people willing to dig for the truth.

Mae: Now more than ever.  I wish you luck.  Let me know if you ever need anything.  Here’s my direct line.

Allison:  Thank you!

Mae:  Just a favor from one successful woman to another.