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"This book was a fun, page-turning read. It had characters that I cared about, a story line that actually delivered on the promise of twists and turns, and evocative imagery that captured my imagination."

Kristin S.

Mikel spent his childhood dreaming of becoming a pirate. Unfortunately, he was born a prince instead – but he wouldn’t let that stop him. Fueled by his aunt’s stories of adventures and a distaste for his grandfather’s disciplinary tactics, Mikel ran away. Through hard work and persistence, he was able to eventually join the crew of Tarik the Terror, and he thought he had everything that he’d ever wanted. That is, until he unexpectedly finds and rescues a girl and realizes that he wants more, but to love her he’s going to need to confront the most dangerous thing of all – his past. Confronting the secrets and lies he’s been surrounded with his whole life results in some surprising discoveries, that will change the course of his kingdom forever.
A story of adventure: where royalty and pirates clash, tragedy and treachery abounds, and twists and turns compete with romance and danger. Welcome to Tibercon!

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