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Hi!  I’m Monica Hahn and I currently live in Utah, USA, where I get to experience all four seasons (although sometimes they seem disproportionally short).  My amazing family is supportive of my crazy writing habit.  I enjoy hanging out with them, along with reading (everything), watching action/adventure TV & movies, binge-watching Korean dramas, puttering around my fairy garden, and creating miniatures.  Yes, I’m now an indoor cat.

In the past I worked a couple of summers at an Alaskan fishing lodge, modeled in a wedding fashion show, had a small role in a low-budget movie, was offered a discount on a purchase for a kiss with the salesman (I declined), belly-danced on a Nile River cruise, rode a camel in the Sahara desert, grabbed a tiger by the tail (I have photographic evidence), had my fortune told by a Korean man while it was translated by some Japanese students, got chased by the police in St. Petersburg, visited the Taj Mahal, took the Orient Express, danced in the Assembly rooms in Bath, rode an elephant, held some snakes, discussed politics with an Israeli journalist, was given a pair of earrings from a Nigerian at the Dubai airport, spent the night stranded in a German village huddled next to an ATM, fed parrots and kangaroos in Australia, and had a grizzly bear and her cubs sniffing around the bed of a pickup truck I’d taken shelter in. I’ve visited 22 countries and been to all the states but Georgia and South Carolina in the U.S.

Writing books gives me worlds to explore, people to meet, and things to do outside of normal life.  Want to share in the adventure?  Read along!